THANK U VERY MUCH!!!!...finally!!! i'm not telling u all 2 go out and do it urselves..but i'm just sayin what we do..i couldn't care less how yall see it, it's supposed 2 teach u 2 over-come "mind over matter"!!..with all the pain u feel u must go on, it's like havin a broken leg but u must run in order 2 save ur life..yall are ridiculous for being so "harsh" on me for it..and as for why we write our name in our blood? so we know it ours..the blood, sweat and tears that went into it doesn't go un-noticed, blood stains, we remember what we went through on that given day..

honestly..just cause i do it..and yall don't..does that make me less of an M artist? think it makes me more of 1, yall will crumble under that sort of pressure..crap i thought it was crazy..the first time i ever joined my dojo about 5 years VERY FIRSY GRADING we had 2 walk a drive way of about 150m on our knuckles...i never understood the sense of it..but our gradings are meant 2 break u...see how much u can take and push u beyond ur eyes and listen!!(yes i know what u typed..think about it)