So all this said, what do you think of those who train engrossedly upon a crystallisation of Bruce's style at the point of his death? And furthermore, rally to try and keep it as 'pure' and non deviant as possible?

I personally dont care what people do. I only care that others would try and dictate their own opinions of what JKD is or is not.

It is the SPIRIT of Lees that we should try and emulate, not his fighting style or method of training because THAT was constantly changing and evolving.

Lees expression of JKD was different in Seattle, different in Oakland and different in LA. If hed lived, he would have no doubt continued to refine and evolve.

Not many of his FOLLOWERS however! Many of them are stuck in a time warp because theyre busy trying to imitate Lee - which was the LAST thing he would have wanted (and is one of the reasons he allegedly shut his schools down).