I voted for mix, dude! Look, I wanna be able to kick some ass, but I wanna look good too! Right now, I'm pretty fit, but since I haven't been training in a good while, I'm not as strong or as functional as I used to be. I still have a good physique though, but I don't just wanna look good, I also wanna be able to wreck people! What if I'm sittin there and some dude comes up and wants to mess with me for some reason?! Yeah, I'll look good, but I'll get the crap kicked outta me! And THEN how good am I gonna look, with my face all wrecked and my body all messed up?! You gotta be able to BALANCE that kinda stuff out, man! I vote for the mix! (Cause I STILL wanna look good!)
"The pessimist knows the price of everything and the value of nothing" -Warrel Dane