My first foray into the Strengthening forum...

I've honestly never really cared too greatly about having a lot of strength/power. I didn't want to be dependent on it. Perhaps my thinking was flawed, but it was what it was.

After a shoulder injury (second one to the same shoulder) and the fact that I am 41 and want to continue grappling for a long time, I've decided to (re)embark on my conditioning routine (into my 4th week).

I don't honestly care that much about aesthectics although I would never complain if I looked like the guy on the "Mens's Health" cover. I doubt anyone would. My concern has always been about function.

My function however is centered around Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which isn't really based on overpowering people, so it's a little different in that regard.

However like I said, I'm 4 weeks in and my opinion could possibly change. I'm just enjoying the ride for now and thought I would chime in.