I have been in and out of weight training since about 1972.
Things change in the way of nutrition, supplements, and equipment

I stand 5'7", weight about 190 and had two trainers.

One trainer happened to be one of my MA instructors whom trained as a boxer, then Jujitsu/Judo (before the current fad), and Karate Do. He had introduce me to other instructors who, at that time, train people privately and through referrals. The other weight trainer I had was way younger than I, but he was into body building, won some competitions, went to college to learn about physical therapy and nutrionalist. He his currenty a personal trainer in California, did some cameo and "extra" acting in a few movies.

My goal, with weight training, is to help my 74 year old dad get back to a little training. We had, about two months ago, signed into a gym together.

We seem to be the oldest couple of guys in the gym (its a small gym)