I'm having doubts about my Muay Thai academy. Classes are an hour long, and half of that is conditioning. The other half is pad work. It works out to be around 15 minutes of actual training. We work with partners, so one person holds the pads and recieves the blows for 15 minutes, then we switch. At the same time, our fighters never seem to lose in the ring. Our sifu is a two time champion and has been training for a long time. He's a great instructor. I just don't know if we're training enough. We have classes three times a week. There are three classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and two on Friday. Each day has a class in the morning, which I'm unable to attend due to school. I usually attend both evening classes, plus the one evening class on Fridays. I also come in early and stay for a half hour after class to work on the heavy bags. I always ask my coaches for advice on how to improve, but I wish classes were a bit longer.

Should I try to find a school with longer classes, or should I stick with this academy? Is this really enough time to improve, or am I not training enough?