A previous Sensei of mine from the early 90's was a fairly severe disciplinarian. As time progressed, the incidents of dicipline being dealt out to his students seemed to increase.

What are your feelings regarding the practice of a Sensei who deals out punishments to adult and child students? At what point do you protest or take leave of the dojo?

The punishable offense might be from not calling when you don't make it to class, or an incident of not observing dojo protocol in or out (gashuku) of the dojo. The punishments might be include a lengthy and angry public lecture, an essay assignment, rei back and forth across the dojo for 5 minutes, reasonable calisthenics (20 each of pushups, situps, and jumping jacks), or unreasonable calisthenics (200 each of pushups, situps, and jumping jacks).

For the most part, I flew under the radar in my dojo. The only time I was punished was for being an individualist, and for not understanding/following certain implied rules. I was lectured in front of the class for 45 minutes, and I wasn't allowed to test for one year (at the time, I was for 6 months a gokkyu - green belt)

I tend to (unfairly?) look at the conduct of a sensei with this filter: What would Gichin do? Somehow, I don't see Funakoshi Sensei forcing 200 pushups out of a 45 year old man with a blown shoulder . . . do you?