I don't want to overlook cxt. He slept in on sunday and was not available for the afternoon donnybrooke. I have no doubt he would have faired well. This may come as a shock to some of you but cxt is smart as h3!!. He was a charming, outgoing kind'a fella very aware of ettequette...see I can't even spell. Not at all stuffy. He is one of the few guys I have met that could match me story for story. It seems that both of us grew up with alot of folks that were from the shallow end of the gene pool. Natural selection seemed to take care of many of our youthfull aquaintences.He took to the BJJ well and may hook up more with Mr.Graeber. One thing I forgot to mention about Brian was his ground game was better than I imagined it would be.
I won't give anymore away regarding Our FA man of mystery other than to say He is a sincere longtime practitioner a man of letters. A well rounded guy.