As many of you long time members know,I was SANCHIN31. That was my user name before and during my bout with cancer. I was a member here for about 8months when I was diagnosed.
Before the fight I was 195lbs,but dropped to 155lbs during the chemotherapy months and I had ALOT of it. My sessions were 4.5-5hrs a day,5 days a week,every three weeks. The main drug I took was cisplatin,it's a nasty drug. They gave me enough to push me seemingly to the brink of death,then as soon as I felt a little normal it was time for another round.
Well,I finished chemo back in October,then I had the flu and several other infections due to having a low immune system. For the last couple of months I have felt pretty good and my workout has returned to almost normal.
Here it is:
I do these excercises variably with my karate training and I still work on basics,kata,bagwork,and sparring.
Supine bicycle
Scissor kicks - I do these for abs

Pushups-regular, wide arm, and close hands
Overhead dumbell pressups
Butterflys with dumbells
tricep raises -I do all of these for upper body.

Hindu squats
Calf raises
Squats with dumbells -I do these for lower body

Front-back-go's (pushup-situp-run in place,repeated quickly)
Jogging/sprints - I do these for cardio

Eventually my routine will change to more weight training,but for now I guess it's ok? The dumbells I use are a pair of 25lbs.

I weighed myself tonight and I weighed 189lbs!! That's quite an improvement. I'm also taking whey protein and creatine (ketoglutomate). (I know,but I bought the stuff,so I'm going to use it,lol!)

I'd like to keep track of my progress here. Feel free to chime in with any advice(or criticism). By the way,I'm 32yrs old and 6'2".

The2nd ammendment, it makes all the others possible. <///<