i dont use any supplements and my body fat is 9.........plain cardio workouts with black sweaters should do it. especially if its sunny. ull sweeat like crazy.

And while you're at it, try to pass out from heat exhaustion, cause nothing helps you lose weight than a little bit of unconciousness

Anyway, Dereck and Cord are totally right, you don't need this, and if anything I would think it unhelpful since lower water levels will make it harder to train + concentrate... Here's Cord and Dereck's advice in a few easy words:
Sacrifice, Grind, Self-control.

A while back I went skitzo on the whole 'I'll diet till I'm at 8% bf' thing... Cord gave rather a good example, which I shall quote here:



You have just hit 6%, on with the fitted t-shirt, 100 push ups to pump up and off into town with the guys to check out the hotties.
Your in a bar (drinking water, beer is full of calories), and a real honey catches your eye- i mean she makes Carmen Electra look like Gollum!. Over you go in your fitted shirt and you get talking. You hit it off realy well. Now what?
Invite her out to dinner? No way! have you seen how much oil they use to cook in those nice restaurants!
How about a Movie? well possibly, but no soda's and no sharing of popcorn, and of course it cant clash with your 1 hour cardio session

Cheers Cord, that post was a real epiphany for me, I hope it is for others... go team!
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