anyone know the weaponless arts of choice (if any) for Yakuza, Triads, Mafia, etc ? preferably, you won't use movies as a basis for your answer.

My father was in the Hong Kong police force mid 50's to early 70's, and spent some time on their anti-triad task force. He has said on many occasions that the non-firearm related violence in hong kong consisted mainly of weapons of opertunity. Huge numbers of assault/affray using cleavers and kitchen utensils, but that the triad groups tended to have vested interests on the docks, and would weild power by infiltrating/intimadating the union and workforce. The weapon of choice if things went violent in that circumstance was a 15 inch 'scraper'- a heavy spike of steel with a razor sharp side to it designed for cleaning the hulls of ships. By using this,terms like self defence and 'weapon of opertunity' could be used, and with no one willing to speak out, many got away with it.

Outside of that, he saw used a length if chain, with a heavy spike on the end that could be 'whipped straight' like a short range retractable spear, also many of the enforcers would have built up a ridge of hard caloused skin across the knuckles and also what he describes as the 'karate chop' area, which I have always interperated as the shoto striking surface. He is of the belief that this was more for intimidation and image than use, as weapons were never far away.

As for the effective nature of these things, he could not say for sure, because if someone attempted to attack an officer,or involve themselves in an affray that caused danger to the public, they were instructed to use deadly force, so simply shot them before they got close enough to unleash their fists of fury

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