We can simply agree to disagree with your points on below 6% body fat is as bad as it gets, and having bodybuilders get down below that for "ONE DAY."

You are perfectly entitiled to disagree with me, even if that means ignoring simple medical facts, and replacing them with misconceptions.

As moderator on a forum that covers topics that have the potential to affect directly the wellbeing of those that choose to act on the information therein; it is important that I pick up on any opinion/info given that, through ignorance or error, could be harmful if taken as truth.

Having trained around, and with, and indeed helped in a professional capacity, quite a few competetive level bodybuilders, I can tell you for a FACT that contest condition is peaked and held for 1 to 3 days AT THE MOST.

My info on sub 6% bodyfat physiology is not 'nit picking' but simple fact. Maintaining such extreme percentages will kill you slowly. NO ARGUMENT.
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