I was just wondering why, if in English the rule has always been I before E...except after C....What the hell is going on with protein? It neither has a C, or an I before E...J/W LOLLERZ

...kidding of course. I was wanting to break in a noob question with an even noobier question.

OK, I just started taking protein suppliments (ON 100% whey gold standard to be exact) in order to do all that I can to prepare for my upcoming fight in approx. two months. My problem/worry is that I have a ridiculously easy time to both lose and gain weight...for instance, this past friday I was at 141.2, over the weekend due to poor diet at late hours I got up to 145.6, now I'm back at 142.3 by Wednesday...All I'm really trying to ask is if the protein suppliment will add to my weight, cause I hope to fight in the 139/137 weight division.

I only currently take it two times a day, when I wake up and just after I train, instead of the suggested four times a day.

Please let me know if I should avoid this for the time being, and what other things I might try to avoid in order to slim down as much as possible and stay that way for as long as possible.

My apologies for the lengthy post, and THANK YOU for those who have read up to this point.
-Live Forever.