I think that I would lean towards experiance over rapid training, in order to retain the integrity of the system as a whole. It comes across a little, that it is demand that is shaping the future.Which I'm not sure is a good thing?? I see mention the phrase Mcdojo used quite a bit - I'm guessing this is pretty much aimed at insructors with either fake credentials or have only been using the system a number of months and have now put themseleves forward as a teacher. Personally I'm not that interested by certificates or diplomas of one school over another either, as long as you are happy with your instructor I guess is the real truth.But if you are buying into any product, you should receive, what you thought you were buying! With a lot of schools in any MA, it is a business, and as such they should be open about there product/service they are supplying. As humans we are competative by nature, why else do we learn self deence or a martial art? To protect ourselves from each other! We will always judge each other, mines better than yours, my dad's bigger than your dad! it is human nature.
But I do think that schools must be open about the credentials of there instructors, it will then be up to the students to form there own opinion.
You pays your money , you takes your choice!
He who dares wins, Rodney!