I'm curious as to other people's view of the dual student/instructor track in Krav Maga.

At the school I was in, (Krav enthuasiast for 4 1/2 years), the students were in a track that involved progession through successively harder levels (Levels 1-4)

However, the instructors were under an abbreviated separate track. That shortened program was not easy and they all had to go through rigorous phase training in Los Angeles, then return as instructors.

In other martial arts, instructors were typically the senior people in the dojo. However, Krav's system enabled fairly junior people to be the instructors. (It was not uncommmon for the instructor of the higher level classes to be the most junior person in the room.)

Though the standardization brought on by the instructor training in LA is good for the entire system, this dual track system sort of established two separate groups in the school. You were either in the instructor track or the student track.

Because the instructors (in general) hadn't progressed through as junior and then senior students, they didn't have the shared experiences of the people they were teaching. (Again, this is a generalization because a couple of the instructors were very experienced and outstanding in disciplines other than Krav.)

Is this important or does it not matter?