I did my Instructor course with Hiam Gidon IKMA in July 2005 in Israel. Before I did KM in Ireland under a IKMF guy...but he changed the IKMF KM and added in his own stuff from Jim Weagner RBSD and Combatives...so it was not true KM.

Anyway... I was very impressed with skill in IKMA and David Kahn was on the course too, and is excellent...but the Israeli guys are better even. look on www.realfighting.com and look back for an interview with a IKMA guy called Yigal... now he is real amazing!

Basically all the material in David Kahns books is the yellow belt requirements and some of orange belt in IKMA...so if you go through his book and can do all of what is there really good...you get a yellow belt only! so from this take it the standard is pretty high.

Me, I am more into Muay Thai as I live in Thailand now...but I am started to teach KM with Combatives and other RBSD stuff...so I am sort of independent. I would rather do that, than be invloved in politics etc...
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