Hello Krav Practitioners,

I am a licensed Krav Maga instructor. I was licensed in LA and I think that I can shed a little light on this issue. Krav Maga as you all know is one of the most aggressive systems on the market and we have been getting a lot of attention in the media lately. This is not an accident as it happens. The L.A. style of teaching is very different from that of the IKMF. There are reasons for this and they are really quite simple.


I know Mr. Levine as well as Mr. John Whitman. In America we live in one of the most litigious societies in the world. Mr.Levine is the Assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles. He is a lawyer folks. If anyone knows about liability trust me he does. This is why many of the techniques in the first 3 phases of Krav Maga are basic in nature. If a student gets into a confrontation and the other person is injured badly, regardless of fault the injury sustained is an issue in a civil proceeding. So to curtail the liability the program is scaled back at lower levels.

However once you grow in the system you will see many of the things from Grandmaster Imi's original text. Also many people tend to forget that the symbol of Krav Maga is purposely designed with a circle at either side of the Hebrew K and M. This represents the philosophy of openess. The system is constantly changing and therefore must remain open to interpretation.


Obviously the typical American citizen does not face the risks or dangers that our counterparts in Israel face. Training civilians in the same manner that soldiers are trained will no doubt leave the trainer in a position of vunerability when it comes to liability.

I hope this helps.

Than would you agree that the Krav taught in LA varies from the IMMA AND IKMF due to the legal aspect?

Whether the issue is liability(and I agree to a point) the LA's curriculum is different than the one used by the IKMA and IKMF.

The fact is that there is liability in any type of MA of Self defense you teach.

If a guy messes with me and I gouge out his eye, that's his problem not mine.
Be safe, If not kick someones ass.