It is wrong to say that one is lacking of the other, I think RangerG covered that before. They are different in some ways, Krav In the US was enhanced to be used for the people and the situations of the United States. Israeli Krav was designed for Israel. That's the difference, one is not better then the other. It's a matter of what you are looking for out of the system.

That's pretty much what I meant by saying "vanilla". The US version is just that, a US version.

In fact, we had a guy join our class from out of town tonite who trains in vancouver with KMAA and he was commenting on the differences.

I'll put it this way: The guy is here in Miami on vacation and loves the instruction he got on Sunday, that he plans on doing more one on one private lessons before he goes back to Vancouver.

Even in my situation, learning with Rick and David and their style, I am sure it will not be the same as the whole experience I will get if and when I go.
Be safe, If not kick someones ass.