He no longer has a school(he was the first in the country to open one, back in the early 80's) but still teaches in the Philadelphia area. I can get his # if you wish.

I don't have our curriculum in front of me but I can tell you that our yellow belt material covered every single thing in the first 2 levels(yellow and orange) and some of the stuff in the 3rd(green) and 4th(blue).

If you the LA groups curriculum as Ranger G posted you will see that all of that, and more is covered in David Kahn's book and that's an intro to Krav.

Maybe my guy, having learned in Israel from the founder has something to do with the quality and knowledge of the instruction I receive. I'm not saying that the LA groups curriculum is bad, just a little more vanilla than the Israeli version. Heck I was learning gun and knife defenses at yellow belt. I believe that is not taught to you guys until the 4th level.


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