His point is that he has been trained by the "original" Krav organization, the IKMA. He is biased towards them, as am I.

There are a lot of political issues regarding Krav Maga in the US.
Anyone who has trained under the IKMA, like Restev, who has gone to Israel and has trained under Grandmaster Gidon and the IKMA know how differnt the Israeli Krav is and find it upseting that people who train in the US version of Krav consider it to be the same.

Seek, and ye shall find, that there are only 3 instructors who made it thru the first instructor course , given permission to teach Krav in the US by Imi.

Alan Felman is PA.

Rick Blitstein in Miami
and Darren Levine in LA

Take it for what it's worth guys.

I will wager the cost of a private session(reasonable) that the training and insight you get from Rick B and Allan F will be superior to that you have received elsewhere. By far.

Be safe, If not kick someones ass.