Mui, as a young girl, has learned the art of stopping the world. She savors the drop of milky sap on a leaf and looks with wonder at an ant carrying a heavy load. She dances the day instead of working it by relaxing into her chore. She has mastered the inner smile; her entire being radiates warmth and peace. And as a young woman, Mui shows that one must be patient with love, allowing it to unfold in its own special way. Then it can be cherished and tasted slowly.

Beautifully said. Thank you! I'll look for the DVD this evening.

I wonder if you can place a name on another Vietnamese movie. that is if you've seen it. It actually has three different stories that are unrelated but somehow, at the end of the movie, you sense that the events of their lives were somehow connected.

The first story was about a trishaw puller and a prostitute. This gal was out of his league. And she thought he was out of her league. She knew what she wanted - rich guy with lots of money to take her off the streets. Somehow, this simple trishaw puller (played by the actor who was the Vietnamese colonel in "We Were Soldiers") managed to help her see the worth inside her, the dignity that she had, by virtue of just being human. She was changed. I love the scene where she was dressed in a red traditional dress and whirling with happiness amidst falling red flowers. Beautiful.

The second story was about a lotus-picker and seller whose singing while out on the muddy waters of the lotus pond at work "awakened" the reclusive owner of the lostus farm who was a famous poet and suffered from leprosy.

The third story was about this American former GI who went back to Vietnam to look for his Vietnamese daughter. He was played by Harvey Keitel. I forgot how it worked out.

The movie was entirely in Vietnamese, and I couldn't understand a word they were saying (except when Keitel was speaking), but I understood the movie.

Nice, simple movie that speaks of the beauty of the human spirit. Wish I can remember the name.
We Are Beautiful, Temporary Patterns