As some of you know I recently started taking hapkido. So far we've gone over all the basic falls and now we are moving on to the techniques.

We've started with the basic wrist grab and how to escape it by breaking the hold by applying pressure towards the attackers thumb and index finder grip. Then we added a strike once we broke free then we added turn lock, folllowed by a throw. So we basically added other techniques to the basic wrist lock escape.

This is going on with other basic techniques, like the armbar.

How ever so far we have just learned techniques. I asked my instructor why have't we learned how to appply these techniques in a self ddefense situation and he said it's because we are learning the art of hapkido.

I was confused because from my research on hapkido I had come to think that the art of hapkido was self defense.
I thought we were going to learn basic techniques and then learn how to apply them into basic self defense, once we've gone through basic we move on to mnore advance combinations. However, he says the at and the self defense aspectof hapkido are different, can anyone ellaborate on this? I wanted to ask him more questions but he was bing very vague with his answers and I didnt want to annoy him.
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