'Becoming a Complete Martial Artist - Error Detection in Self-Defense and the Martial Arts' by Tristan Sutrisno and Marc MacYoung is an interesting book that may be a 1/2 step forward in martial publications. [This book was published by the Lyons Press in 2005.]

I say a 1/2 step forward from the standard, how to punch, and run a kata text. Instead of discussing the basics of an art it presents a study of how and why to eliminate errors in ones martial technique.

The presentation starts as a general description (non style specific) of the problems in errors in technique, but as Tristan Sutrisno is an Indonesian Shotokan/Siliat instructor it's only natural that he would focus on Shotokan techinque to explain the general principles.

If one doesn't make errors, or if one is a senior instructor who really knows their system, they won't need this book. But for someone who would like to think on topics that might improve their performance, or as a guide for instructors to develop new instructors, this book may find a fit.

Sutrisno Sensei began training at age 4, and today has more than 50 years of experience in his arts. I was fortunate to study with him for 10 years on my own path and much of the material he presents has become some of my bread and butter techniques.

Returning to my 1/2 step forwards into martial publication, such books, IMO, are moving towards a greater understanding of the underlying principles of all the arts, and those are the senior tools of understanding which our practices lie.

The greatest weakness of this fine book lies in the use of one system to make the points. The principles are correct, but if you are not practicing Shotokan or a related system, the demonstrations are somewhat less relevant.

But a big hint, learning these princples can also be used to look for flaws in your opponents, which are then targets of opportunity.

I think "Becoming A Complete Martial Artist" is worth a browse through, and perhaps a purchase.
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