yeh sure, your pretty right. But i dont think if i was in the middle of a fight where my life is in danger i would think to myself, " gee i better not hurt him to bad incase he gets angry and comes back another day for revenge"....

That isn't what I was saying though.


Take life day at a time and roll with the punches.. seriously, in any situation take what you can get.. but ofcourse the last place you want to be in a fight is on the ground, give everything while standing and if your gonna hold back because you dont want to hurt them to much incase they get angry well.. hahaha... that just sounds funny saying that!

oh.. im not trying to take a stab at you either JKogas im sorry, i just disagree with your opinion on this.

I understand your point and I don't disagree. I wasn't saying not to hurt someone (if one "can" and one HAS to)...only to understand that it's usually not that simple and that there are always consequences that some never consider.