Hey I have a problem............well its not really my problem rather it is my younger brothers. See hes ten years old and wants too take martial arts like me, he went to my dojang and tried out ten classes. on his eleventh visit he brought 5 friends and there parents to our training, one of his friends asked on how long it would take to get there black belts my instructor answered 5-6 years. This upset not only the kids but the parents aswell, One of the parents replied,"Well the other place down the road says that my kids can get there BB in just 1 1/2 years?" My instructor just smiled and said, "well its your choice and every place trains differently." All the parents signed there kids up to the dojo that offers TKD, shoulin kempo, kickboxing and, JJJ. My brother wants to go to the dojo with all his friendsm. How do I help my brother get back to the real stuff??!?!?!!!!!!!!?!