It is amazing how fast four hours passes when your having a great time. I want to thank everyone for making the event fun, interesting and educational. The time we spent together was long enough for me to know that each one of you are true Martial Artists, I'm proud to know each of you and consider your friendship important. Personally, I had a great time, the pictures tell a thousand words.

The feeling from the rest of the guys is we would like to get together again in the summer.... soooooo I would enjoy hosting an "East Coast Get Together 3" at the "Schanne Shack". Hopefully Raul, JohnL, Matt & GojuW can help me organize the event. This time it will be an outside all day training event (SHUGYO). The guys can vauch that there is plenty of room to train and play. We will supply lunch & diner ( Raul, Cathy will cook her famous potatoes just for you ) and a pool party that evening. Everyone is welcome, which I now know means if 25 people say there coming, twelve show up. We will keep you posted as the summer gets closer.

To all that came to the event...

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