*Raul Perez - very knowledgeable, and not above getting dirty to prove it.

Oh that is just MattJ's way of saying I'm a dirty hispanic!

Here's my rendition:

JohnL - As always a great orator and has many techniques similiar to my own as far as bunkai. His exercise of eliminating the sight so your opponent can't "lie" to you visually was a lot of fun and I have a feeling that some will use that in their next class. As always JohnL uses his "Im old excuse" and expects the younglings to take it easy on him.... and then he forcefully punches someone in the jaw and elbows others in the molar notch. Yeah He's a real class act!!!

MattJ - Didnt do too much with Matt besides rolling one match. To his defense He did catch me off balance and reversed my mount into a guard. AND he even broke my guard TWICE. But I somehow was able to catch a cross collar choke that sunk over his mouth and took the arm he gave me when he tried to get out of it. The match could have gone either way though.
I was looking forward to seeing some AKK and Wing Chun but JohnL stole the spot light too long which left no time for Matt or myself to demonstrate our styles(NEXT TIME MATTJ!)

RangerG - As always an intense figure and as forceful as they come with regards to gun and knife fighting. He showed some excellent knife and gun disarms on me to the group which left my arm, hand and soul hurting
It's funny. He acts like such a gentle soul until the weapons come out! Then he gets this look in his eye and fire and brimstone falls from the ceiling, The sun became black, and locusts started to pour in from the windows! I'm convinced the only way to defeat him is with a young priest and an old priest... The Power of Christ Compells YOU!!!

GojuWarrior1 - What can I say about him that hasnt been already said. Well for one, we share the same hair cut Great guy to meet and train with. Schanne had us practice a "fireman's" throw which I just couldn't do. GojuW hit like 3 nice ones on me in a row! My back hit flat, the air thrusted out of my lungs at the speed of sound... and all I could say was... "Nice do it again". Maybe I'm a borderline massachist?!
GojuW's brother was also a good sport! Did a ground drill with him and gave him a tip on how to adjust his positioning to counter an opponent from getting up from being side mounted. He picked it up instantly and was doing it better than I could

JohnP - One of JohnL's students/classmates... Always nice to work with him and hang with him. A very modest person but has strong potential to be a very accomplished Martial Artist. We did a few drills with our eyes closed together and we rolled near the end of class. I caught mount and arm barred him but it was a struggle the whole time... HE's TOUGH for a purple belt!

Terry - One of JohnL's friend/classmate - quite possibly the happiest person on the planet. Always smiling and always happy to meet and train with everyone there. He actually trained in Ryukyu Kempo for a bit so we exchanged ideas, Oyata stories, and I showed him some of the Bo Kata during the 10 min intermission. I was about to roll with him but time ran out when we were about to roll... it actually went like this.. "OK you ready?!" "Times UP Fellas!!"
During our dinner which me, JohnL, Schanne, Terry, JohnP, and Schanne's wife Cathy attended.... Terry had told us that he acts on the side and was actually in a B rated MA Movie! I forget the name of it though but it is actually in Hollywood video according to him. I'm all about renting it as soon as I can remember the name... JohnL a little help here!

The Korean Girl - Schanne's classmate that showed up for about 1 1/2 hours. Really nice girl and technically sound. According to Schanne her brother is the head body guard to the South Korean President! Not to mention that her family lives and breathes Traditional TKD as there are about 27 black belts in the family!
I worked with her on JohnL's Bassai Sho bunkai. Gave her a little advice here and there and then BAM I'm on my back! She soaked up everything I was saying like a sponge. Her husband was there observing. Came a point where I swept her in the bunkai and she fell into my arms.... looked up at her husband at the same time that happened and I got the ICY STARE! I can't help it if I'm a Sexy B!tch LOL

Last but never least... Schanne - First of all Schanne saved me from terrible directions from Map Quest. I met him at his house and him and his family were super duper nice and offered me a room for the night since I wasn't leaving that day due to a 3 1/2 hour drive home.
He demonstrated a lot of self defense techniques, joint locks, and ground fighting applications. He's nimble for a big guy!
After the get together and dinner we went back to his house and kept drinking and posting pictures. His son and daughter are awesome and so polite!
His wife (Cathy) is such a sweethart and cooked us the best homefries I've ever tasted in my life! Dude... give me the recipe!!!
After our hung over stooper we ventured out into his huge back yard and swapped Bo katas. He found out how endless the Oyata Bo Kata is! He then showed me the Yamaguchi Bo Kata. Although it is not as long the hand changes and manipulations are awesome! I then showed him Kuniyoshi No Sai Kata and we went over it for about 30 minutes.

I bid my farewell at noon and headed back to the big NY. Schanne... all I can say is this bro:

My best,



RangerG and GojuWarrior1 - whats the dilly on your pictures?! Upload them and post em already!
"I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey"