Hey Guys

Had fun!

Terry slept all the way back to North NJ due to Steve's wife Cathy plying the poor guy with drinks. (Shame on you Cathy!!!)

Saw a couple of the posts and can't believe the whinging!

I wouldn't have had to hog the time if the simple instruction to move one foot and then the other hadn't caused you to fall flat on your a$$ every time you tried to do it.
As for the uke bit. I hit 50 this year, am folically challenged and what's left is grey. If a young, muscular, conditioned guy like you can't handle a ditthering old guy holding your hand, I don't know what the world's coming to.

And as for the complaints by Matt;
Matt is clearly a wimp. I was holding Matt gently by the hand and applying hardly any pressure to it. Matt insisted in trying to levitate his body off the floor which simply meant that the choke from my spindly old legs went a bit deeper into his neck.
You may notice in the photo Matt's other hand, desparately trying to find something to tap. If he'd wave'd it around any more, we would have both taken off.

As for the expression on Matt's face, there's a simple explanation;

"Who's your Daddy Matt? Come on now, who's your Daddy?"

Had a great time with everyone.

Met good people, had a few beers, good food, and even got some training in. How good does life get.

John L