Nineteen more days guys/gals, are there any women attending, don't be shy? Schedule of instructors/events looks like this so far:

JohnL... kata & kata bunkai & (sushi preparation)
Raul Perez...tuite jitsu & atemi jitsu
MattJ...Demo some AKK & WC
Ranger & Schanne...self defense krav magna & hapkido


OK since I'm on vacation I've had some time to think about the demo.

I'll start off with a 10 min discussion regarding Tuite and Atemi Jitsu.

I'll demonstrate 3-4 basic tuite and atemi and have the group break off into partners after each demonstration to try it.

I'll then do 2-3 intermediate tuite and atemi with the same format.

The section could take about 1 hour.
"I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey"