Hi and welcome to Fighting Arts new one-stop shop for all your PP needs.......PRESSURE POINTS 'R US!

Bring us your old tired techniques and combinations and we'll send you home with spruced up PP filled brand spanking new ones! Yes folks, here at PP 'R Us we guarantee to upgrade anything*** you bring to us and add that little bit of nastiness that only PP 'R Us can give you!

How do you make use of this fantastic new service I hear you ask???? Simple post up a description of a combination of techniques from your syllabus or an application from a Kata or form, telling us a little bit about where you're striking and we'll do the rest! Then all you have to do is try out your brand spanking new PP filled techniques! Easy or what?

So don't delay....shop at PP 'R Us today!


Always wanted a career in the high flying world of Online PP consultancy? Now's your chance! If you have a vague clue what your talking about and can help out with any points chip in! The pays awful, but you'll get a nice fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you're helping our customers inflict pain on their training partners!

***Terms and Conditions:

1) We reserve the right to tell you that your techniques are silly!

2) We guarantee a same year response!

3) Our training is strictly based in reality and we have no experience of using PP's with triple 360 degree jumping kicks. We reserve the right to excercise clause 1 at anytime!

4) All inquiries *MUST* start with the words "Dear PP 'R Us!

Yours Faithfully,

CEO and Founder of PP 'R Us!

PS. Seriously guys, tell us what you do and we'll see if we can find a few PP's for you to play with whilst doing the normal stuff you do when training!
Gavin King
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