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Requirements for AKK black belt vary somewhat from school to school. My school tried to follow as closely as possible the requirements that Ed Parker set out for the system. Our school requirements were as follows:

* 202 self defense techniques including 2 man attack and weapons (24 per belt level, except for the first level which has 10) - done on a partner

* 10-12 solo "sets" (forms focusing on basics)

* 8 solo forms (focusing on self defense techniques), plus one of your own creation, to demonstrate understanding of the principals and concepts of the art

* A written "thesis" on a given aspect of American Kenpo Karate

* 200 hours of floor time and 50 hours (can be done concurrently) of teaching time between 1st degree brown belt and 1st degree black belt

* Sparring which may include full-contact or multiple opponent

* Board and/or concrete block breaking

* And of course, the dreaded "pain of birth" into your new rank

My last AKK belt promotion was in 1997. So, things may have changed a bit, but this should be fairly close. Here is a link to my former instructor's AKK school for a better idea:


Hope this helps.
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