Maybe but more and more I see kids, who have neither the experience or patience to learn, dismissing entire arts as worthless. In principle I agree with you, but only after someone has enough knowledge and experience to make these kinds of choices.

Absolutely! I agree with you completely.


True enough, I am just a fundemental fanatic, be it MA, football, basketball or whatever. I so often see MA's with years of experience and terrible fundamentals. I see it all the time when I play basketball, kids with unreal ability but never being coached, learning and ingraining bad habits they will never shake and thus never be the player the could or should.

Excellent points. Fundamentals are everything.


To be completely honest though John, I hear what you are saying and I agree with you, I am just bored and my wife won't let me go out and drink beer.


I hear ya Kimo. Bring the beer in if you can't get out, lol.