Have you even read that rapeescape site? Here's a bit of the crap that comes from it:

"Some call it paranoia, but the fear of sexual assault isnít unfounded. The most underreported crime in America, it is estimated that 12.1 million American women have been the victim of "forcible rape" and that 1 out of 8 will be assaulted in her lifetime. An age-old crime, rape often encompasses sexual or psychological torture; a womanís terror and pain becomes little more than fodder for a predatorís amusement." (http://www.rapeescape.com/fightwfear.htm)

What it DOESN'T say is that the rape will in at least 8 out of 10 cases be committed by SOMEONE THE VICTIM KNOWS AND (PROBABLY) TRUSTS. How do you fight against that?
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