Welcome to the Energy Arts forum.

Sadly Lane has had to move on and do other things with his life but hopefully he will pop in here from time to time for a visit.

Here are a few ground rules to follow:

1. This forum is for the serious discussion of the internal martial arts, healing arts and the use of energy techniques in the external martial arts.

2. You don't have to be an experienced practitioner to participate in the discussions on this forum BUT if you have no experience please refrain from giving advice or stating things as "fact". Self teaching doesn't count.

3. A brief background is generally asked of new members. This is done so others in the forum have an idea of what training you have had and you general location.

4. There will be NO profanity, trolling or personal attacks. If you have an issue with an individual contact the moderator. If you have a proble with a moderator contack the site administrator. Follow the forum rules.

5. Please use the forums search function before submitting new topics.

6. This forum is NOT for the discussion of radki, anime, kiblasts, kiflames, kishields, pyrokenesis, telekenesis or any other form of kenesis. Posts on these will be removed.

7. Do not ask for links to "where can I find a site with information on ki etc etc". Do a search yourself and check out the previous posts in here as well.

8. Follow the forum rules.

Enjoy the forum and keep it clean.

Otherwise I will use you for target practice ...
and as some of you already know, I have very good aim with a number of weapons.
Sword maiden