Does anybody have any information concerning Mr. Jamie Scuffell (Lu Lu Ke) of Townsville QLD (Australia). He claims to be an inheritor of Flying Crane and to claims to be a lineage holder of the Shen Zhao Pai Fujian White Crane (Feihequan) under a Master Lui Hong Shen (1923 -2002) . He also claims to teach Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Tai Zhu and Northern and Southern Wushu.

I have "Googled" those names in question and all I come up with is one "Grandmaster Leeroy W. Epperson III" in relation to Jamie Scuffell.

He also claims to be the lineage holder of the Tai Zhu Chan Chuan (great ancestors long fist) under “Grand Master” Edgar Livingston.

I would greatly appreciate any independent information you may have regarding this individual.
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