Happy New Year, rock on 06. Parties, man, I say the last thing people need to do is fight. Regardless of how much you know someone you should always show respect. Sometimes it doesn't work out between some people but, stupid choices can screw things up, huh?

Aight here's a brief version of the story. Everyone's atleast a lil drunk. Two guys, guy A slaps guy B in the neck after guy B got done rollin around in the dirt. guy B is a little scratched up from his play fightin, and takes the (friendly) slap to the neck a little too personal. Guy B sends one of our (guy A and I) friends out to ask guy A about it. In a rather harsh and disrespectful matter.

Guy B soon comes out and starts running his mouth. Guy A gets mad, threats go around, Guy C starts talkin crap to guy A. We all break em up before any bones are thrown. Guy A is sitting outside waiting the for the two to come out. Guy A will undoubtly win. A small fight breaks out and is soon broken before the po's arrive. Guy is untouched and the other two are hurt a lil. Guy A is a real good friend of mine, not too bright but still a long time bro.

I swear if people had just apologized, understood what they did to each other before trippin out on it, it all would have been cool and we all could just get more drunk.
May the force be with you.