As long as people are using Time & Quantum Singularity as weapons, I don't see why we Bikers can't control Time & Black Holes w/ our magnificent 2-wheeled weapons! YeeHa!

Jump on your horse & catch me w/ your pointy stick if you can!


The "pointy sticks" are quite good weapons actually.

At our recent jousting and skill at arms grading we had to do some spear work which was *interesting* as I only got a chance to do a couple of weeks practice beforehand and hadn't used a spear before. Thank goodness for all the bo work I've done, the spear felt ok to handle and was shorter & lighter than my bo but nose heavy due to the steel tip.

The guys soon learnt that I was a better shot than them when we had to gallop at a target on a hay bale and throw the spears at it. They either missed the hay bale altogether or got the very bottom of it, way off the target.

I hit the target in the bullseye! There was a stunned silence and their jaws all dropped to the ground.

So never underestimate someone on a galloping horse wielding a "pointy stick", it may be the last thing you see!
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