also I notice in boxing, the hip and shoulders turn with different timing than Karate. boxing seems to have the hip follow the hand (follow-thru). karate has the hip leading the hand (gamaku). whats your take on that?

I am not sure if that is quite true. I have noted occasionally what you have listed per timing of the hip rotation. However, I think what some folk see in some boxing (as in sport karate) is the lack of hip rotation so that full committal to the strike is not present. This means you have speed for multiple strikes since the body is not in each punch, but at the expense of putting the body completely behind each strike for hard impact. Remember that aspect of sport that requires points over power delivery for attempting to down the opponent. Different paradigm for applying techniques.

However, look at a good power shot...no matter the style or sporting context... it follows, like dominoes... or that wave-style break dancing prevalent in the 80's. Starts with the feet or connection to the ground, up throught the hips into the torso, shoulder, and then in the arm and fist. It's the fluid translation of this power that matters, not the style.