well...if you told me that, then I'd get confused...good thing you weren't actually saying it. lol kidding. a slight lean forward might appear when it makes sense, but what I'm doing is, as John suggested, using too much upper body - and I don't think it's my creeky knees...my vertical balance is top heavy. I think the lean is causing this...so the (Goju and ShitouRyu) way I was taught about sinking into stance seems valid. It's funny, when I incorporate a goju horse-stance (which is pretty much the same) and Tani-ha type zenkutsu into this kata, people watching it say - yes! now THAT looks more like Matsubayashi. lol

The Shizentai dachi was new for me when I started MB. completely different from sanchin-dachi. I spent some time working on it, but I think a slight arc when stepping helps koshi/gamaku. If I'm not mistaken, a slight arc when 'shuri-stepping' is how they did it in the old days of Shorin Ryu. It does feel more versitile (and more natural for a goju-stepper) with that slight modification. hardly noticable when watching (although some of you caught it) but it feels much more comfortable for me.

so Brad, there are instances maybe a forward lean makes sense....but so far, the most that appears in Okinawan Karate is just my untrained eye's appearence of a lean - it's a forward arcing sink. I looked at some pro boxing photos...with exception of the heel lifting up, the arc looks similar on impact...I was stunned because my hollywood impression of a 'boxing punch' was the Rocky movies - plus I was always being told on the Army boxing team: 'lean into the punch, lean into the punch, get your weight in there, ya gaddam karottyka' lol...what they meant to say was sink into the punch and let your weight be pushed forward with your rear ball of foot. also I notice in boxing, the hip and shoulders turn with different timing than Karate. boxing seems to have the hip follow the hand (follow-thru). karate has the hip leading the hand (gamaku). whats your take on that?

Jeremy: thanks, would be interesting. lets set something up offline (PM). ever find out about the kata order?