Thank-you John... I don't always like to hear it, but honesty thru logic is something to appreciate. ... even when the logic is flawed.


Well, that'll teach you to show people video's, won't it!

yes it will, thats why I'll probably use it again...more fun than typing and reading text.

I'll take the tone of assuming you are sometimes correct.


Let's start with the basic "lean" of the style. I don't accept Medulant's theory that it doesn't exist in advanced practitioners. Look at photo's and video's of the senior representatives of the style. They lean. That's OK, let's just not pretend it's not there.

I'm only looking at what I'm taught, by who they were taught by, and by who 'developed' the style...whether that style (as it relates to this thread) is a learning method or fighting method I have yet to determine. In the meantime, I'm just accepting (right or wrong, it's the only way to learn).

BTW - I just dusted of my copy of the only book in existence which shows high-speed camera frames of Ueshiro performing Fukyugata-san full-speed. looking closer with this topic in mind, he's not leaning at all- the line from head to heal is more of a forward arc. Interesting. He looks very well 'sunk'. now I look at Nagamine's book, he didn't have this filmed at high-speed - he posed for each frame...even so, it's not a forward lean, it's a less pronounced arc.
It could very well be that I'm being taught Matsubayashi power generation incorrectly. Thats for me to decide. but the evidence 'leans' me to medulant's description. (no pun intended).


I don't accept that there is a difference between the SD and sparring philosophy's.

Thats just rediculous. objective A: end conflict as soon as possible. vs. objective B: score the most points in x time with restriction to a subset of techniques. If both sparring fighters attack as they would for SD, it would be broken up as a clash since judges can't see the points being scored.


Whether you use your back or side muscles, I don't know. I tend to think of them as a complimentary unit that work together.

no doubt, but which ones drive the others is the question.


In the video I saw of you, I believe you had an over emphasis on the upper torso muscles at the expense of the lower muscles. This gave the impression of power generation from higher up than I believe is desirable.

thats fair...I'm taking a look at it and will correct where I can/should.

I agree that it's not wise to follow someone else's fighting style to the letter. but there has to initially be a process of 'mimicing' first, before incorporating the style into your body. This is my first year of Nagamine's style as interpreted by Ueshiro through his student Scaglione who in turn taught the two sensei that I have access (who also have kyu-level training with Mr. Brooks of this site). Lots of changing hands...sure it's possible things get lost in translation. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt while trying to keep an open mind...if that makes sense.

I gotta go work on my legs now....