I completely agree. I'm not saying anything is bad...

before the creation of this thread, I was asked 'whats with the leaning?' from non-matsubayashi practioner(s)...and I couldn't answer. I think we've agreed that the slight lean is for power generation.

now it's a question of whether the lean is a training tool towards a common goal (for learning the feeling of proper gamaku/koshi, hip power/mechanics). or is the 'sinking lean' itself a fighting principal.

many times (almost all classes), at least once during practice the sensei will have the class 'overexaggurate' a particular movement in order for your body/mind to 'feel' it.

so my question is in advanced Matsubayashi...does it just 'feel' like you are leaning forward, or do you actually lean forward?

I realize at this stage in my training I'm actually taught to physically lean-sink. but I'm curious if this is gradually replaced with more the 'feeling' of that exaguration?

see, I think of all systems of Karate as ways to learn the same thing. The 'sink-leaning' method vs the 'rooting and centering' of goju - in the end both have accomplished a common goal...in this case the efficient coordination between upper and lower body.

thanks for the thoughts.