Every week I change what days I target different areas of my body. So for example one week I might do chest on Monday and the next week on Wednesday. So this text is not etched in stone but this is my workout log as of right now.

Chest and Upper back:
1. Dips 5x10
2. Dumb bell bench 5x5 or 3x6
3. Bent over rows 3x6-10 depending on weight
4. Incline Dumb bell bench 3x6
5. Cable butterflies 3x10
6. Pull ups 5x10 sometimes less then 10

1. Triceps extensions 5x5
2. Push presses 3x6-10
3. Chin ups 3x10
-One arm assisted chin ups 2x5
-One arm chin ups 1 with each arm if I can
4. Dumb bell snatches 3x5 with each hand
5. Dumb swings 3x5 with each hand
6. Dumb bell clean and press 3x5 with each hand
7. Farmers walks I perform this exercise 2-3 times

1. lower back hyperextensions 3x20 with or without weight
2. Dumb bell side bends 3x10
3. Saxon side bends
4. Russian twists on a decline bench 20 reps
5. Medicine ball crunches on a decline bench 10-20 reps
6. Plank for time

1. Front squats 3x6 or 5x5
2. Hamstring extensions 3 sets
3. Dumb bell lunges 3x10
4. Plyo knee tucks, squat jumps, and lunge jumps
5. Jumping rope for calves and ankles

Monday: Karate 7:30-8:30
Tuesday: Wallyball 7:00-8:30
Wednesday: Karate 8:15-9:15
Thursday: Wallyball 7:00-8:30
Friday: Karate 8:15-9:15
Saturday: Heavy bag
Sunday: REST
I do not perform all of the exercises every night. For example Chest and Upper back would be one night and the next would be Legs. I also do not perform all of the exercises in each group all in one day. My Core session isnít usually that long same with the other groups. One night I might do 3 Arm exercises and 3 Core exercise together. This is just a list of my major exercises. It may seem like a lot but believe me I do not do all of them in each group in one night so donít go nuts. Do you see any problems with this regime? Are there any exercises that I should take out and replace with others? Any comments would be great thank you all for reading this.