If you haven't heard of Kayro, he's known for successfully using Judo inside the ring/Octagon.

Here's an article about him:

Now, it's his no-gi application of Judo that brings me to my next question....

Has anyone seen any material on no-gi Judo? There is only one set of DVDs I know of that address this, and it is good, but limited in scope. Out of fear of breaking the "No Free Advertising" rule, I won't mention it, because I don't know if that's allowed. If a moderator tells me it is, then I'll post the name of the DVDs. They shouldn't be hard to find though.

Anyway, I digress.

I'm very interested in material that teaches how to adapt Judo to a no-gi environment. I have some knowledge and ability to use various throws/trips/whatever with no-gi, but I'd like to find a thorough treatment of the subject. Right now I'm just getting bits and pieces of knowledge.

Maybe all my answers can be found in Grecco-Roman wrestling?

Well, if anyone knows of anything, please share. PM me if necessary.