While this subject is in the general discussion forum, I wanted to post somewhat the same thing here for the Krav and SD system folks to discuss.

Our response to armed attack is viewed as brutal by other MA forms. Any of you who have learned the handgun disarms and knife disarms know that there is the potential that you could kill your attacker..one too many barrel strikes to the face because the dork keeps trying to grab you...or as you duck under his arm with your escape from knife to the throat from the back...the knife ends up in his kidney.....a couple of dozen times...

I am of the mind that an armed attack on me under any circumstance is attempted murder...and I will respond with maximum force and bruality...redirect, control and destroy..then escape. I don't have a couple of seconds to play 50 questions with my attacker to determine if he just wants my cash or if he wants to add to his kill list for gang status.

What is the general consensus between us Kravists and SD folks?

Jeff Jimmo made a comment once during a seminar he was teaching on some Krav tactics and dirty fighting...it PO's some traditional MA folks off..but I found it profound..

"There is what looks cool in the dojo...and then there is what will keep you alive on the streets"

Those folks who do not train in Krav or like SD may not understand what I am saying, or may take offense...Please understand that I am not intending to do that... You almost have to be training in Krav or like system to understand the mindset...

"If you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough."