Can anybody but me see the difference? I was talking with some fellow MAs combat and tournaments instructors. In this discussion we talked about training methods. I spoke of my dislike for the tournament techniques that lack focus and practicality like the point gaining finger tip touch back fist or rigdehand, using the sparring glove end as the focus point. Or the skipping on one leg Quadtriple kicking technique.

Obviously some of these Instructors took offense and stated that my practice of finger tip jabs, slapping hooks and bottom of the glove overhand rights where not standard techniques and illegal in boxing. They made mention that the finger tip jab didn't have the power of a close fist jab, nor did the open hand slap to the body over the close fist hook.

My argument is that if I let them practice their boxing/kicking boxing on me then they should let me practice my style of sparring. I feel the difference is that I'm practicing under fire where I'm attacking or countering incoming blows with the deflecting finger tip jab to the eye or side of the neck (by the way this jab will rock the head, bc of the weight of the gloves and the of speed technique, but rarely will produce a knock down). The slapping hook is my plam strikes, the overhand left is my hammer fist. Now nobody gets really hurt except what happens when you box. I mean you going full out to hit solid and its continuous. Admittedly if they corner me and start wailing on me, I may sweep them. But I can only apologies because I'm not a boxer. I mean I think its a two way street they get to wail on me and I get to train on my accuracy and feel. I think this is functional and practical for me in training. Unlike the no purpose but a point finger tip touch back fist in a tournament. Some could see the difference, others couldn't and a few think that you should only box when you box.

Can anybody else see the difference? Would it bother you to train with a unothordox technicain?