I have not yet posted any of my specific stories here but I will get to it. Before I do, I wanted to say something I am proud of.

I have been insulted. I have had "issues" with certain people, and certain people have had "issues" with me. I admit I have always wanted to test my skills. I have even been physically attacked.

In spite of this, I have never truly fought. My definition of this does not include tournaments, sparring, etc. I would consider it a fight if I had to strike with the intention of causing harm.

Every altercation I have been in, I defused one way or another before I have been forced to strike out. Most imprtantly, on all of my close calls, I have recognized what it was that caused the situation to escalate and done my best to avoid it.

I think self-defense starts before you leave your home, and the most important techniques to learn are preventative measures.

I will post my stories later, but I hope that, when I do, people learn from them, and use the knowledge to avoid similar situations themselves.