or just plain ol' injuring yourself during class! the other day while between the kids class and adult class i was practicing one of my nunchaku kata. i was doing this kata quite slow so i could tweak it and make it "better". so right in the middle i was thinking "okay step, step, crouch,block" and wouldn't you know i cracked myself right in the eye with the end of the nunchaku. i was fine until i realized i was bleeding from my eyelid! so i went and got it cleaned up and put some antiboitic ointment over the cut so i could finish class. that has to be the swiftest thing i have ever done so has anyone else "un-intentionally conditioned" a part of their body during class or practice with a weapon or anything else?? would love to hear it!

p.s. i did a search and came up with nothing that seemed like this so sorry if there was and i am just repeating a thread.
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