Forms can be a moving meditation if practiced in the correct way. If you truly practice the forms without thinking about anything except the movements and Strengthening your techniques while using breath control then they become moving meditation. It does not matter what style of Martial arts you practice or which form you practice, but if you practice all of the forms you know at a moderate speed while using the best technique and breath control you Possibly can while concentrating you can obtain a state of meditation. While you increase you techniques,forms,coordination,power,speed, and acuracy and develope a sense of your own abilitys. Forms eventually become reflex and you don't even have to think about you next move when you are doing them. It is also a great way to get in shape and discipline yourself.

I believe forms/kata/patterns are a very important part of traditional martial arts and can take you to another level. Think about this the next time your doing forms in class or at home and try it out for your self.!
"There is no such thing as Perfection... Only excellence"