To PP: forgive my ignorance. I am, after all, uneducated on the entire topic. My reasoning is flawed, and my old brain...tired. So, I pose questions myself...not exactly responding to what you say but kinda learn from the feedback from others.

I see your distinction between corruption=rot and entropy=decay as one of semantics and preferred associations. There is nothing inherently distasteful about corruption/rot to is.

"What makes an action good or bad?
Not how it looks, nor whether it is big or small,
But the good or evil motivation behind it"

"...People who early in life renounced all worldly activities may be found busily piling riches and provisions at the end. Others start out teaching and explaining the Dharma but end up as hunters, thieves or robbers. Learned monastic preceptors who in their youth kept all the Vinaya vows may in their old age beget many children. On the other hand, there are also many people who spend all their earlier years doing only wrong but who, in the end, devote themselves entirely to practising the holy Dharma and either attain accomplishment or, if not, at least by being on the path when they die go on th higher and higher rebirths.

Whether someone appears to be good or bad just at present, therefore, is but a momentary impression that has no permanence or stability whatsover."

-The Words of My Perfect Teacher, by Patrul Rinpoche