We'll never really know if things happened just as people say, but a story itself can sometimes be useful in delivering a lesson. Share a story you've heard/read and provide the source when known.

"To (Chojun) Miyagi, kicking and punching to expected targets was not karate. One of his senior students Meitoku Yagi (who went on to form the Meibukan Goju ryu organization) tells this story. One day a visitor to Miyagi’s dojo was showing off, asking students to punch him in the stomach to show how strong he was. Miyagi watched and after a while went over to this student. The student tightened his stomach waiting for Miyagi to test him, but Miyagi instead kicked him in the groin. Miyagi then commented that karate is not just to punch and kick to where people are strong, but to punch and kick where they are not expecting it and where they are weak."
source: http://www.fightingarts.com/reading/article.php?id=424